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Many today will qualify for a $0 Premium affordable health care insurance.

It will cover your doctor and specialist visits.

It will cover prescriptions and more.

And it is required now under ACA law. We can help!

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Health insurance for Low-Income Individuals

We understand that budget constraints should not compromise your health. Our tailored health insurance for low-income caters to individuals who are facing such issues, ensuring that quality healthcare remains within reach. The goal is not just to provide coverage but to empower you with financial peace of mind, knowing that your health needs are taken care of without breaking the bank.

Health Insurance for the Self-Employed

For self-employed individuals seeking health insurance tailored to their unique needs, we've got you covered. Our health insurance plans are designed to provide comprehensive coverage while considering the flexibility and budget constraints often associated with self-employment. Take charge of your health and financial future with our specialized health insurance options crafted for those who work for themselves.

Health Insurance for Small Business Owners

Running a small business comes with its challenges, and we recognize the importance of taking care of both your employees and yourself. Our health insurance options for small business owners ensure that you can provide comprehensive coverage to your team while also securing the health and well-being of your own entrepreneurial journey. Find the right balance between employee benefits and personal health with our tailored solutions for small business owners.

Health Insurance help for free!

At The Insurance Team, we are an independent insurance brokerage. That means we are able to shop 100s of companies to find the most affordable health insurance plans that fit your specific needs.

You’re able to quickly and easily get information on the benefits you qualify for, ensuring that you have access to comprehensive coverage at a budget-friendly rate.

Take a look around and let us know what plans you would like more information about! We're here to help you find the most affordable and suitable health insurance options available.

affordable health care insurance

Final Expense

Final Expense Life Insurance policies are products designed specifically for seniors 50 and above that don’t have perfect health.

health insurance for self employed


Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage policies are designed to cover all or most of the extra expenses.

low cost health insurance for adults

Cancer Plans

Did you know that 1 out of 3 people will be

diagnosed with Cancer in

their lifetime?

health insurance for low income

Health Insurance

Are you interested in getting a life insurance policy for your child

or grandchild?

family health insurance

Hospital Indemnity

A Hospital Indemnity plan is designed to assist in providing relief from these unexpected hospital expenses.

health insurance for small business owners

Mortgage Protection

Mortgage Protection Policies are Life Insurance policies designed to cover your mortgage payments or pay off the loan in full, in case of death or disability.

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